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25 March 2011 @ 01:34 am
Precosia Comes Part II  

Precosia Comes Part II

Title: Precosia Comes
Author: ferretbaby
Pairing: Danny/Sylar
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Danny and Sylar meet on a trip to Vegas. Sylar falls in love and Danny gets beat up by a girl.
Warnings: The end of the Heroes, and Blind Dating. There's nothing too graphic just making out and mentions of lap dances.
Disclaimer: I don't own either Heroes or Blind Dating or their characters. This was suppose to be a 'short' story but came out more around 10,000+ words so be prepared. Also I edited it myself so you've been warned.

Precosia Comes

Part II

“Gabriel! Help!” Danny dived towards the door, pounding on it, blood making his hands slip on the locks.

“Oh please, stop! No don’t hurt me!” The woman started up again, this time she was stumbling away from Danny and ripping her own clothes away by the sound of it. “Please I beg you! Help me!”

“Danny, stand away from the door!”

There was a loud crack and the door splintered off the wall. Danny coughed at the dust that filled the air.

“Danny?” Gabriel’s said, barely heard over the wailing of the woman on the other side of the room.

“Thank god you’re here. That beast attacked me.” The woman cried.

“Danny!” Gabriel’s voice was frantic. Danny coughed some more, he’d taken cover behind a chair but it hadn’t shielded him enough.

“Gabriel. Over here.” He choked out.

“What the- what happened here?” Another voice joined them from the door. Gabriel was already making his way towards Danny. Reaching him, he fell to his knees beside him. Danny clutched at Gabriel’s arms, relief that the other man had come after him.

“Please, call for help! I was just attacked.” The woman cried to the new man.

“Shut up bitch, I know your lying.” Gabriel growled over Danny’s head, tearing pieces of his own shirt off in order to stanch the many cuts oozing blood from the blind man’s face and arms. “Danny are you okay? Any serious injuries?”

“No, some shallow cuts and bruises.” Danny mumbled, dazed. He could only guess what this looked like, a man and a woman in a locked room, both bloody from a fight. Everyone was going to believe the woman, it probably didn’t help that he’d been drinking tonight.

“Sylar, what just happened? Is this the suspect?” the other man asked.

“Yeah.” Gabriel answered. “Parkman, call Peter to send out a containment crew, being around her is contaminating our perception of things. Keep the others outside and away from here until back up arrives.”

“Fine.” The other man- Parkman- was already talking to someone on his phone. The woman’s hysterics had quiet down to a murmur.  Her weeping not getting the attention she expected.

“Are you a cop?” Danny asked Gabriel. It was the only thing that made sense. Had this all been a set up, a ruse to lure Danny into a situation that would look bad? Did Gabriel believe him or the woman? Had he been imagining the tension between them?

 He also was wondering why Gabriel was answering to the name ‘Sylar’?

“No, I’m not a cop.” Gabriel said, cleaning Danny’s forehead where one cut was bleeding into his eyelashes. “I was called into town on a murder case. Someone had obviously been killing men who visit this joint every weekend and I had reason to suspect you’d been the next victim.”

“So you’re a detective?” Danny was confused. He hadn’t heard of any recent murders in Las Vegas. He would hope Larry would have listened to the men at his poker table had they mentioned the strip joint was a place a killer regularly prowled.

 And why hadn’t Gabriel warned him then if he thought someone was after him?

“No, not that either,” Gabriel sighed. “Danny, sometimes there are special people who can do amazing things. Sometimes these people use these powers to do horrible things to normal people. Misty, over there, also known as Queen Bee, is one of those people. One of my jobs is to locate and detain people like her.”

“What- how do you know my real name,” Misty asked.

Gabriel ignored her, talking to Danny. “Danny, I’m also one of those people who has special abilities. So are you.”

“What are you talking about?” Danny’s head was buzzing, either from the cuts or the confusing conversation he was having. “Why does everyone keep insisting that I have some ability?”

“Because you do. Misty over there can entrance people who look at her, making them do her bidding. Being around you somehow cancels out her influence.”

What kind of ability were they talking about? He hadn’t ever done anything extraordinary before. He would think he’d notice if people started falling all over themselves to do his bidding.

“Sylar, Peter’s on his way. What are we going to do about him, we can’t just let him go to the police.” Parkman said, snapping his phone shut.

“Knock the girl out until the others arrive. I need to talk to Danny in private.”

Parkman snorted, muttering something about following order but did what he was told. Misty uttered a ‘meep’ before falling over in a deep sleep. Immediately she started snoring.

 Gabriel was man-handling Danny to his feet. “Sylar, if he’s one of us you know the rules.” Parkman hollered as they maneuvered around the debris. They passed Parkman, who gave them both a disbelieving snort as Gabriel led him to an empty room next door.

 The door closed gently behind him and Danny was seated on a cushioned bed, Gabriel beside him.

“Why does he keep calling you Sylar?”

“Sylar’s my other name. Gabriel’s my birth name. I didn’t lie to you about that.”

“Oh.” Danny wrung his hand together, twisting the pieces of bloodied cloth tied around his palms.

“Danny, I want you to pay attention.” The bed frame was rattling, slowly moving them up, levitating the bed in the air. Danny, startled, threw himself into the middle of the bed.

“What the-? Are we floating? How are you doing that,” Danny asked in panic, trying to flatten himself against the bed to avoid accidently rolling off.

Gabriel’s dark laugh did little to hide his pleasure. “Danny, I told you. I have a power just like you and I want to erase all doubt that you might have.”

The bed settled back on firm earth. Danny slowly sat up, scooting towards Gabriel. “So it’s true. There are people like you and Misty out there who can do things. I thought it was all a hoax?” He remembered the big controversy over Claire Bennet.

“Danny, that’s what I’ve been trying to say.” Gabriel’s hand caressed Danny’s cheek. Danny barely suppressed flinching at the surprise touch. “Peter will want to talk to you. Give you some options, but I wanted to ask you alone; come with me, with us, back to our town. We can help you train your ability so it doesn’t put you in anymore danger. You talked about being attacked in the pool yesterday and today with that woman, I think that’s part of your power.”

“What to attract psychopaths? Why would you want me to bring that on yourself?”

“Danny, your one of us. You belong with us. No matter what your power is you need to be with people like us.”

“What about my family? My friends? I have a wedding to go to on Monday.” Digging for an excuse to get Gabriel to retract his offer. It hardly seemed real. If Danny really did have a power like he suggested, why would you want to bring his kind of problems to your town?

“You can always go back, we won’t hold you prisoner. All I ask is for you to give us a chance.” The desperation in Gabriel’s voice was very compelling. Danny reached up to hold Gabriel’s wrist where his hand was still caressing Danny’s jaw.

His thumb idly stroking the smooth skin on the underside of Gabriel’s hand.

“Can I think it over for the night? Is it something I have to decide right away?” He needed to think about this whole ability thing. Maybe it was the reason Danny hadn’t been able to catch a break lately? What could it hurt hearing them out?

“No, think about it as long as you want. I just want you to know that I want you to come back with us.” Gabriel moved forward, his forehead leaning against Danny’s, both breathing heavily. Danny could smell the alcohol and spicy cologne from the other man. He felt himself relax into the other. Gabriel’s thumb lightly caressing the spot at the corner of Danny’s lip, just like earlier. Danny’s tongue peaking out as if to chase it.

“God, I’m going to kiss you now.” Gabriel confessed, voice growling.

Danny felt the air leave his lungs. Arousal coursed through him at the words. He had never given much thought about kissing another man before, all jokes from Larry aside.

 Then again, he’d never met someone like Gabriel before.

Just being around the man caused bolts of lightning to travel through his nerves and the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He was intoxicating.

He couldn’t imagine he wouldn’t want anything more right now.

He hardly nodded before chapped lips lightly brushed Danny’s own. Barely touching, all things considered, but a surge of electricity shot through him from everywhere Gabriel touched. Danny opened his mouth to moan, and Gabriel surged into him. Taking over and devouring him in the new kiss.

Tongue’s swept out, wetting lips and making things sloppy. Gabriel nibbled at Danny’s bottom lip sending a spark of arousal from the contact down strait to his hardening dick. After one final bite at his bottom lip Gabriel moved on to mouth at his neck, forcing Danny to arch his back in order to get more contact from the taller man.

 He groaned, clawing with blunt fingernails at Gabriel’s neck down his back, trying to pull him closer. Danny wanted to crawl inside the other man, he sprinkled Gabriel’s face and temple with kisses. He felt Gabriel’s hand fall- skimming his side until it reached his hip, where he grabbed him- pulling him into the man’s lap.

 Both men fell over onto the mattress, Danny hissed at the jarring it gave his bruised body but quickly ignored it in favor of climbing onto the taller man. He rocked their hips together, lining both cocks together through denim. Gabriel’s leg slipping between Danny’s, he grabbed a handful of Danny’s ass, thrusting up towards the blind man.

They gasped into each other’s mouth.

A pounding on the door quickly broke through the mood. Gabriel making groaning noises while he peppered Danny’s lips with small nipping kisses.

“God, I don’t want to stop,” Gabriel moaned, biting at Danny’s neck.

Danny pushed back against his shoulder, face flush with excitement.

“Gabe, someone’s at the door.” Danny said, voice husky. He licked his lips, hips twitching in circular motion over the other man’s cock.

“Oh god, I’ll never be able to hear that name without getting a hard-on.”

The pounding at the door increased.

“Fine. Give us a minute!” Gabriel yelled at the door.

“I know what you’re thinking in there, you don’t have the time to get away with it!” Parkman yelled back. “Peter just landed. The rest aren’t far behind him.

“Would it be terrible of me to kill them all?” Gabriel pleaded to Danny, fingers on one hand sliding into the crease of Danny’s denim cover ass, the other moving up under the back of his damp t-shirt.

“Oh god. No, we need to stop.” Danny couldn’t believe himself. His body pleading with his mind to continue while rational thought told him he wouldn’t get away with it. He had just met the man today and he was crawling into his lap. And what ever happened to saving himself for love? He hadn’t even known he was attracted to men until today! “This is all happening way to fast.”

Rational thought won out. He scooted over, off the lean body jerking under him. Gabriel’s hand desperately trying to keep him in place with a tenacious grip to his hips.

Gabriel groaned, finally letting go once Danny was completely off and laying next to him on the bed. Both men took a moment to collect themselves, deep breathing the only sound heard from either for a few minutes. Their bodies refusing to touch less they start over again.

“This is some kind of revenge, I swear.” Gabriel said.

“Mmm.” Danny was attempting to smooth out his appearance. He probably looked a right mess, face flushed from making out, sweaty and still half hard.

There was another knock at the door, this one lighter. “Sylar? Parkman says you’re in here with our latest victim?”

“Fuck, Peter.” The springs from the mattress gave a loud squeak when Sylar bounced off. Danny somehow found the strength in himself to sit up, grabbing a pillow to cover his lap before the door creaked slowly open.

“I was warned someone might be in a delicate state?” Peter asked, sounding more concerned than suspicious.


Sylar quickly pulled himself together as Peter poked his head in the room. Giving both men a bewildered stare.

“Is everything okay here?”

“Yes!” Both Danny and he shouted at the same time.

 Sylar cleared his throat.

“What I meant was; yes, everything’s fine now. It’s just that our situation has gotten somewhat more complicated.” Sylar said. Deliberately not looking at the enchantingly flushed man behind him.

Peter stepped into the room, face serious now. He nodded at Sylar to continue.

“We have someone who can enchant others. Maybe she used her ability on the cops to keep the heat off her and this club? The problem tonight was that there was another in the club who can do something quiet similar. I believe he was her intended prey for the evening.” Sylar nodded towards Danny, who sat still listening.

“Actually, Parkman believes you were her intended victim this evening.” Peter said, smirking at Sylar. Sylar could see the cosmic joke in that; murderer victim to another murderer. Depending on if he would have been able to break the spell on his own; he might owe Danny his life tonight.

Peter peered around Sylar’s large frame to look at the other man. “So…”

 “Danny,” Sylar supplied.

“Right, Danny. I’m sure you’re confused by all this, why don’t you give me your side of the story?”

Danny’s face stuttered through different emotions before settling on desperation, which he aimed towards Sylar. Sylar felt a possessive entity roar up inside him and had to quell the urge to throw Peter out and hide Danny away. Between Danny’s attack and the hormones he was probably not in the best state of mind right now.

Peter seemed to sense this. “Why don’t you help Parkman and the others with the woman, Sylar? I need to talk to Danny alone for a moment.” While Peter’s voice didn’t sound like a demand the look he turned towards Sylar gave the order loud and clear. 

Sylar reluctantly nodded. He understood why Peter wanted to talk to Danny alone, not wanting Sylar to somehow influence him, but pulling himself away from the blond was like peeling off his own fingernails.

 “I’ll be right outside if you need anything.” Speaking more to Danny than to Peter. He slowly inched towards the door, giving Danny a final look, taking in the blind man’s defensive posture and rumpled state. 

He shut the door behind him, not bothering to pause to collect himself before he joined the others.

Parkman gave him a disbelieving stare. “All you needed was a minute?” Matt quirked an eyebrow.

“Fuck off.”

“Hey, I’m not judging. Even I can admit the guys attractive.”

Sylar snarled, his hand rising to electrocute the telepath. Glen grabbed his arm, wrenching it down.

“Hey, ease up there. Let’s deal with the missy first before yall start fighting again.” Glen quickly let go and both men turned towards the woman sleeping peacefully among the wreckage. She was attractive, almost obscenely so. Long, flowing silver-blond hair framing a classically beautiful face, an abundance of cleavage, and long smooth legs she could easily seduce anyone who looked at her. It must have been so easy for her.

Sylar felt a pang for Danny.

Shaking himself into action, he levitated the sleeping woman while Parkman worked on keeping the people around them from noticing. Glen provided the transportation and Douglass provided the containment. An easy enough job unless someone messed up.

They walked slowly through the busy club, Sylar briefly catching sight of Larry looking around for Danny. He’d deal with that party himself once he was done with this.

Doug opened the back door to the large black suv waiting outside. In the back there was a clear glass partition separating the rest of the car from the back. The glass became malleable at Doug’s touch and they easily set the sleeping woman inside. Matt would have to stick around the club with Peter and Sylar to help but Doug and Glen were already slipping inside the vehicle preparing to leave.

“What about the other one? Are we taking him too or is Peter dealing with it?” Doug asked, leaning out the tinted window. Matt had already gone back inside, ready to deal with the owners of the bar.

“No, we have things handled from here. You get her back and to Suresh and make sure the Haitians there. No stops this time.” He gave Doug a warning look in particular, the man had a habit of talking others into little side trips that got them in trouble.

Walking back into the club, the first thing he’d notice was that Danny’s party had settled down some. Larry spotted him quickly, a relieved look upon his face. “You seen Danny? I can’t find him.” Larry whined, wobbling on his one shoe towards Sylar.

Sylar quickly caught the other man before he face planted off a short step. “Yeah, he’s in the back. One of the dancers wanted to see him.” He figured half the truth was better than none, though he doubted the guy would remember in the morning he still didn’t want to get caught in a lie by Danny’s brother.

“Whaa… How does he do it man? Hottest girl every time.” Larry gave Sylar a companionable slap on the back. “I was worried you’d stolen him away and I was gonna have to punch you, it’s good to know you got my back.”

Sylar ignored the drunk, weaving them back towards the booth. While he was desperate to get back to Danny he didn’t think it would hurt to earn some points by taking care of the blind man’s brother and best friend. After getting everybody settled and ordering some water for the ones still awake (and checking on those past out if they were still alive) he settled in to wait.

The bar’s atmosphere was slowly changing, even the dancers were looking around in confusion every once in a while. Though the night was getting late and they were probably getting ready to close, everyone seemed to go into a funk. People weren’t as party mad or overly excited anymore. Sylar wondered if Misty hadn’t somehow contributed to the atmosphere of the bar by just her presence.

While Sylar kept an eye on the back door that led to the room Danny was in, he listen half to Larry’s conversation about trains and limos. Asking random questions to keep the guy occupied. He nearly choked on his own glass of water when Larry started talking about Danny having brain surgery (and also about his brother being the terminator, but that was ignored).

“Brain surgery? Why?”

Larry shrugged, “I dunno, he wanted to see I guess.” Larry’s fingers making goggles around his eyes. “Had a girlfriend too, wanted to see her face. His brain almost exploded because of it.”

“Her face almost caused his brain to explode?” Sylar asked, doubtful.

Larry loud braying laugh almost deafened him. “Noo…. The she-devil broke his heart not his brain.”

Larry continued to laugh while Sylar thought about the situation more. So not only had Danny been subject to brain surgery but he also had a power, could the two things have a correlation? He would have to examine it himself. Sylar, more than Suresh, knew more about the brain and the manifestation of abilities. The hollow hunger from his day’s a killer echoed in the back of his mind and he crushed it quickly.

 Personally, Sylar was interested to know the story about the she devil.

“So this ex-girlfriend, why did she break his heart? Your brother seems to be a nice enough guy.”

“My brother’s perfect! She was a bitch, led him on to get out of an arranged marriage.”

Sylar wondered at the validity of the brother’s statement. Danny had seemed depressed at the mention of rejection so you never know. Things often had a way of turning out how he least expected them lately.

Matt motioned to get his attention and Sylar extracted himself from Larry’s grip to join him at the back door. “Peter’s done talking to Daniel. He’s asking to see you.”

Sylar nodded. “Hey,” Matt grabbed his arm before he could go any farther though. “I know you’re infatuated with the guy but you have to understand there’s the possibility that it’s all part of his ability. Be careful.” Matt released him before he could work up a good enough glare to throw at him. He didn’t bother replying, slipping into the room where Peter and Danny were waiting.

Danny was where he left him, still clutching the pillow in his lab, nodding to Peter.

“You can visit if you like in a few days; see if it’s something you’re interested in. Take some time to think about it.” Peter was just finishing up. He gave Danny a friendly pat on the back.

Both looked up at the door when it opened.

“Sylar. Danny said he wanted to talk to you while Parkman and I talk to the club owners. Think you can handle things from here.” Peter’s trust in Sylar having gone up since their years stuck together in Sylar’s memories. He was one of the few who genuinely believed that Sylar had changed for the better and saw no harm in leaving someone with abilities alone with him.

“Yeah, I got things from here.” Peter nodded, standing and heading towards the door.

“You have my number if you have any questions Daniel,” Peter said, the door closing behind him, finally leaving Sylar alone with Danny.

“Gabriel,” Danny asked. And like that, something clicked inside him. He instantly saw himself as Gabriel, both the awkward young man from Queens and the redeemed hero.

 Being around Danny was like breathing life back into a dead body. He felt good, like he could do good things if only Danny were beside him. He couldn’t explain even to himself how he knew these feelings he got around this man weren’t something artificial.

“Danny, your brothers looking for you,” Sylar said, startling Danny.

“Oh god he’s probably harassing everyone, I should go check on him.” Danny attempted to stand up, not knowing that Sylar had moved to block his path, his attempts to leave were halted when he ran into the warm body.

“Don’t worry about it, I told him you were talking to one of the girls. I ordered him and the others water for the rest of the night.” Gabriel’s hands curling around Danny’s elbow, content to finally touch Danny again.

Danny plopped back down onto the bed, pulling Sylar down next to him. “Thank you. I owe you so much by now; I don’t know how I’m ever going to make it up to you.” Danny chuckled, smiling at Gabriel. He was in a lot better mood now than earlier. Whatever Peter had said had calmed him.

Gabriel hesitated, “Will you be coming back with us?”

Danny looked away and Gabriel felt his stomach drop. “Not tonight. I want to talk things over with my family first. They deserve to know the truth.”

It was like his heart stuttered in hope, his chest squeezing at every inhale. “But you will? Eventually.”

Danny turned back towards him, nodding a shy smile at him. “Eventually.”

Gabriel wanted to grab the blind man and kiss him silly.

“For how long,” he asked instead.

Danny shrugged, leaning to knock their shoulders together. “Maybe a week at most. Peter said they would need to work out housing arrangements before I visit anyways and I need to schedule an appointment with one of the town’s doctors.”

“You can stay with me.”

Danny laughed in surprise happiness. “That was quick. I didn’t even have to ask.”

“I have room so it’s no big deal.” Gabriel shrugged, knowing Danny felt the movement from where they leaned against each other.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Danny’s hands moved to trace Sylar’s face. Soft fingers running over the thick eyebrows and down his nose, finally ending at his lips.

Sylar lightly nipped at the thumb that pressed into his bottom lip.

 Danny gave a light sigh.

Sylar grabbed Danny’s wrist, moving his hands away so he could move in to kiss the blond. This time he didn’t hold back in slamming their lips together, sweeping his tongue into the others mouth in a lewd, possessive kiss.

“Ahh… please,” Danny moaned, his hand clawing at the air where Gabriel kept him shackled in his grip.

With a parting nip to Danny’s plump bottom lip he dragged himself away. Danny leaning in to follow, desperate to continue.

“No, not right now. Later.” He barely gasped out. His eyes focused on the red, bruised lips before him. He knew Peter would be back any moment to get him, he would need Sylar’s help in determining if the club owners had any idea if they knew one of their dancers was the killer. As much as he would rather roll around with Danny on the bed he had come here to do a job.

“Later,” Danny repeated, pouting.

“We both need some time to think about things.” Gabriel carded his fingers through Danny’s hair, trying to calm down. Between the glass dust and the sweaty make out he looked like a debauched god. His vivid blue eyes half-lidded and his cheeks flushed with arousal, it would take a moron not to know what they both were up too.

Danny nodded, “I know. It’s just, around you I can’t control myself.”

Gabriel purred in satisfaction. Hearing from Danny that he was just as intoxicated in each other made the possessive part in him settle down in content. Satisfied, he gave Danny one last kiss, quick as to not get worked up again. He needed something to remember Danny by over the weekend he was away, and the small comfort it gave would hopefully hold him over.

“I understand. But not now, we have to get you cleaned up and out to your brother.” Danny seemed to collapse into Sylar’s arms, burying his face into the grove of Sylar’s neck and shoulder. Drained from the exhausting day, he let out a large sigh.

“How bad to I look? Is Larry going to freak out,” Danny asked.

“Not bad, your clothes are a little torn but you can just say the girl got a little over excited. Larry might even be proud.”

Danny laughed, his hot breath coursing over Sylar’s skin making him shudder in contrast to the colder air in the room. He started pulling off his jacket, trying not to dislodge Danny from his spot. After finally wrestling it off he draped it over the blind man’s shoulders.

“Thanks,” Danny said. Pulling back Danny worked his arms into the sleeves while Sylar watched. He felt himself hard up again at the image of Danny sliding into his clothes, imaging what the younger man would look like in only the leather jacket and sitting on Sylar’s bed at his house.

“Okay, I think I’m ready. Let’s go face the music.” Danny smoothed his hands down his chest, dusting himself off and trying to look less like he was attacked by an angry woman. Danny gave him an unsure smile and Sylar felt torn between doing his job or running away with Danny until he was really ready. But Peter was outside, dealing with the situation at the bar that he knew he should be helping with, but instead he was spending what little seconds he could glean alone with Danny.

So Sylar switched into his work mindset, focusing on the task and not the person. He hated having to ignore his instinct to give Danny more time but knew they had little left and they still had to get to a bathroom to clean up in. While Danny worked on pulling himself together, Sylar stood cleaning up the small mess they’d made. By the time he was setting the pillows and smoothing the bed sheets Danny was standing and waiting by the door.

“You ready,” He asked.

Danny nodded, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Together they both walked out and into the situation that had engulfed the club.


Two days later, Danny was sitting next to Cayla’s grandma Mimi at the Omai Hotel for the reception while everyone else performed the Limbo.

They had been the only two with a valid enough excuse to get out of the game (though Larry cried hangover, he was quickly dragged into the dance by his date). So Mimi had ordered Danny and herself margaritas.

The woman was close to 80 but she loved her margaritas.

Mimi also liked to fondle Danny’s biceps every chance she got so Danny was sweating with an excuse to get away, he even contemplated joining the game.

“Hey there stranger.” A familiar deep, sensual voice spoke softly into Danny’s ear as a body slid into the seat beside him. That voice he’d been replaying over and over while alone in his room.

“Gabriel!” Danny couldn’t keep the smile from bursting across his face; he hadn’t expected to see Gabriel until later this week. “What are you doing here?”

“I was able to talk the others into letting me pick you up, so I figured why wait.” Gabriel scooted his chair closer. “And I must say I’m glad I did.”

“Why’s that?” Danny asked, confused by Gabriel’s suggestive tone.

Gabriel was silent for a while.

 “The packaging is pretty if not very bright.” Mimi rasped, sipping her drink.

“Now madam I wouldn’t say that, I think the obviousness is somewhat refreshing.” Gabriel replied. Danny’s face flushed.

“Don’t talk about me like I’m not here. I’m blind not deft. But seriously Gabe, how’d you find me?”

Gabriel purred, “I suggest we leave that lil’ nickname for when we’re alone. Brings back fond memories of a weekend in Vegas I had recently.” Danny’s hand swiped at Gabriel’s knee under the table, embarrassed that Mimi might have heard. “I just asked Jay before you all left.”

“Did you tell him about us?” Danny couldn’t imagine Jay keeping a secret like that away from either Larry or his mom. Both would have interrogated him the second he got home. It was bad enough dealing with the whole ‘ability’ issue, let alone the whole potentially gay thing for Gabriel he had going on. Larry would freak the fuck out.

“No, nothing like that. There might have been some suggestions about how we’re alike that I think he picked up on, but nothing about how you crawled into my lap and sucked my brains out thro-” Danny covered Gabriel’s mouth before he could finish, his hair had to been on fire from how inflamed his face was. Did Gabriel not see Grandma Mimi next to him? Was something broken in his head!

Gabriel’s laugh was muffled by Danny’s hand. The other man reached up to pull Danny’s hand away, he threading their fingers together.

Gabriel giving off heat like a hot furnace.

Mimi sighed into her drink.

“Sorry. I couldn’t resist, much like I can’t resist you.” Gabriel said. “Now is this thing almost over or can we cut out of here early?”

Danny sighed, while he was eager to leave at this point he was going to miss his friends. With Jay getting married and with him leaving to go with Sylar back to his home for a few months the likely hood of them hanging out would dramatically drop. But the party had been slowing down for the last hour and Jay had been making noise about starting the honeymoon asap. Larry had already made arrangements with his date so there was no worry there, he would just have to inform Jay’s parents that he wouldn’t be getting a ride home with them as planned.

“Get lover-boy out of here and I’ll make your excuses,” Mimi’s croaked. She gave Danny a nudge with her elbow.

Gabriel gave a delighted laugh, scooting back in his chair to leave. “I’ll go get your jacket and things. Don’t move.” He gave Danny’s hand a last squeeze.

“Romantic one you got there.” Mimi said. “Handsome too. And quiet eager to get you alone and to himself.”

Danny wanted to mention they met at a strip club just to shock her, but refrained. He instead thanked Cayla’s grandmother for keeping him company and for the drink.

“Don’t mention it sweet cheeks. Just take care of your man there; that one looks like he needs a lot of love in his life.”

Gabriel return soon after, helping Danny into his suit jacket and handing him his walking stick. Danny mentioned they would have to stop by his house to grab his things and Sylar’s jacket that he had left with him. Danny wondered if he could get a quick make out with Gabriel on his childhood bed. His parents had already left the wedding and decided to go out alone for the evening (weddings made dad sentimental) and Marie was at a friend’s for the night so the house would be empty. He gave Gabriel a wicked smile.

Gabriel must be reading his mind, pulling him closer and practically purring into the hair at Danny’s temple.

 Suddenly, Gabriel gave a startling yelp, jumping away from Danny.

“What the- I can’t believe...” Gabriel said bewildered. “She’s acting innocent but I can tell what’s on her dirty old mind. Danny I refuse to leave you in her company ever again. That woman just pinched me.”

Danny laughed loudly.

“I’m serious. That woman had some weird fetishes.” Gabriel stage whispered at Danny. Mimi only clucked at them both as Sylar rushed to get them out of the reception hall.

“So you disprove of people with fetishes,” Danny asked, curious. Hand on Gabriel’s shoulder as he led them out of the hotel and down the street to Sylar’s rental car.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” Gabriel purred. “I can think of some activities that I wouldn’t mind participating in. I just wouldn’t want her giving you any ideas; I like you sweet and innocent.”

“So if I wasn’t so sweet and innocent does that mean you wouldn’t even think twice about me,” Danny asked. He had heard of people who only dated virgins and while he didn’t think Gabriel knew he was a virgin it was obvious he’d never been with a man before. But he trusted Gabriel, the man had done so much for him and asked for so little back. He also didn’t try to push their slowly growing relationship any faster than it was already going and Danny appreciated that.

 After so many blind dates where women had practically assaulted him and Leeza’s tortuously slow seduction, Gabriel’s pace was perfect. He felt like they were communicating silently and Gabriel was picking up all the right cues.

Gabriel snorted, “I doubt it. Let’s just say there’s something special about you and leave it at that.” Tapping the vehicle beside them he said, “Here’s our ride.”

Danny stopped Gabriel before he could open the door for him; turning Gabriel to face him, he grabbed the taller man’s face. Leaning up he gave him a small kiss. The spark still tingled down his spine at the contact.

 Gabriel wrapped his arms around Danny’s waist, leaning against the car. He let out a low ‘hmm’ of pleasure. Danny reluctantly broke the kiss.

“Thanks for coming to get me. I’m glad it was you,” Danny said, breathless.

“I wouldn’t let anyone else have the pleasure.” Gabriel’s smile could be felt where their lips still pressed lightly against each other.

 Danny leaned in to continue kissing the man he knew he was falling in love with.

Things were sure to get interesting.

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