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Sylar/Danny Shippers Unite!

Because a crossover pairing has never been so tempting!

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The One & Only Sylar and Danny Comm.
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A Sylar & Danny shipper community


Welcome to sylar_danny, a place dedicated specifically to the romantic relationship between the characters of Sylar from the television show Heroes and Danny of the movie Blind Dating.

Here you can post fics, graphics, vids, and general rambling comments about your love for the boys.

Thanks to lorlo7 and akaiba for bringing this ship to our attention.


01. Please keep your posts on topic. This community is for anything Sylar/Danny-related (i.e. both of them, not one or the other, or the actors), be it fiction, artwork, icons, videos, plot bunnies, or whatever wacky stuff you can come up with. If you're not sure whether or not your post falls under that category, ask a mod.

02. No flaming or dissing fellow fans and/or their work. If you want to squee over a Sylar/Danny story, icon or video, you're strongly encouraged to do so. Negative reviews, however, do not belong here. We want to keep this comm a happy place.

03. The lj-cut is your friend. Large images, spoilers and stories longer than 200 words belong behind an lj-cut. If your entry contains spoilers, please warn for them outside of the cut or within the cut-text. NSFW-stuff also belongs behind a cut.

04. If you're posting fic, please use the following template or a close variation thereof:

Feel free to add your name, author's notes, word count or whatever you like, but please make sure you keep the rating and warnings in there. Also, please use a similar template for art.

05. Tag your entries. You can find a list of tags to use here. Please read it. Tagging your entries is required.

06. No messing with the basic settings. Please don't code your entries to change the comm's default font, colour scheme and other parts of its layout. Not everyone loves purple on lilac. Also, don't make or link to locked posts, link to posts that will be locked in the near future, or turn off the comments. This is an open community.

Failure to meet any of these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from this community. You may also be banned for: plagiarism, flaming other members or asking members to flame someone else, using racial slurs, ignoring the mods, and/or being an ass.


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